Beginnings Exhibition

Press Release:

DENVER, CO, September 21, 2018 - Kat Payge is proud to present her inaugural show at Kat Payge Art on 834 Santa Fe Dr., during the Third Friday Artwalk.  Kat Payge Art is located at 834 Santa Fe Dr.  Beginnings opens September 21, 2018 at 6pm and includes two and three dimensional selected artworks that raise the question, “are we constantly in the process of becoming?”  The show is entitled Beginnings, as is appropriate for a new gallery.  We all have to start anew frequently in our lives and each commencement means something different to everyone, yet we can share in experience through art.  Going from a previous state of being to a new one can leave profound memories in all of us.

The artwork presented in Beginnings was juried by Kat Payge, owner and artist of Kat Payge Art.  Kat has been an artist for 20 years and creates two dimensional abstract paintings, as well as handcrafted artist journals.  The featured art in Beginnings was selected to appeal to shared experiences from artists to spectators. For instance, Roberta Rousos’ “You Can Start All Over Again”, is of an abstract figure emerging out of a charged background in the way we may struggle to free ourselves from complications that weigh us down. “Emergence I”, by Gwendolyn Gutwein is just as evocative of struggle with its solid presence in neutral tones. Solid Native” by Melody Faith, a local artist, is a pen and ink drawing of the Foothills in Boulder, elegant in its spare lines, of a monumental rock formation that informed both the artist’s and the curator’s youth. “But Today, You See, Is A New Day” by Zachery Thomas from Louisville, CO, is a landscape scene surrounded by text that gives the viewer a feeling of a liminal time and place that is inhabited by memory. 

Beginnings has nineteen participants in the show, with art from varied media, including sculpture, to paintings, to photographs.  During the evening of the opening exhibition, musician Sean Malkasian will perform acoustic guitar.  

One of the artists that will be displayed in Beginnings is Hannah Moon, and below you can view her painting titled “Sacral”. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Terrel Bailey, Emmett Barnacle, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Karen Buhler, Page Coleman, Gwendolyn Gutwein, Zachary Heil, Melody Huisjen, Robert Hyatt, Lauren Lipinski Eisen, Laura McCormac, Hannah Moon, Robin Olsen, Julie Payne, Sheila Pitt, Roberta Rousos, Wo Schiffman, Michael Sharber, Kat Payge

 Clingers Exhibition

Press Release:

Clingers Art Exhibition Opening

On October 26th, 2018 Kat Payge Art will be opening its newest art exhibition, Clingers.  This show is strictly comprised of photographs by artists across the nation.  It is innate for humans to seek happiness.  We go after it through any means.  The more we are attached, the harder we cling.  Clingers asks you what you’re holding on to, is it beneficial or destructive?

Exercise, permanence, religion, security, beliefs, food, expectations, the sun, addictions.

During the opening reception of Clingers, artist Emily Scott will be hosting an interactive community art project.  Emily is a photographer and writer, who is no local.  Graduating from West Chester University of Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, she received her BFA and focused on psychology studies.  She has lived in San Diego, Oahu, and now Denver.  Emily photographs with a Nikon DSLR and a Canon ae film camera, developing a world of her own through warm tones, soft accents, and retro yesterdays.

The photographers juried into Clingers show a side of personal nature in which we can all relate to.  The images are striking, intuitive, and will leave you in a state of introspection.  Kat Payge Art is excited to present artwork by: Paul Braverman (NY), William Corcoran (CA), Lizzy Dahl (CO), Trevor Messersmith (NY), Cherie Truesdell (GA), and Ariel Ione Williams (NY).  

Be sure to stop in from 6 to 8pm on Friday, October 26th to catch a special evening at Kat Payge Art for the Clingers exhibition opening.  The gallery is located on the 800 block of the Art District on Santa Fe.  The show will be open until November 29th, along with the interactive community art project.  If you miss the opening of Clingers, Kat Payge Art is opening Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12pm until 5pm.

Exhibiting Artists: William Corcoran, Lizzy Dahl, Trevor Messersmith, Cherie Truesdell, Ariel Ione Williams, Emily K Scott

Featured artwork below:

From left to right, “Sacral” by Hannah Moon from the Beginnings exhibition, and “Cake” by Cherie Truesdell from the Clingers exhibition.